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Portal dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine Master for Doctors and Odontologists that have already earned a University Degree

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IAPEM The International Academy of Practical Aesthetic Medicine

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MASTER in Aesthetic Medicine


MASTER in Dental Aesthetics



Master Course dedicated to Doctors and Odontologists that have already completed an educational path in Aesthetic Medicine

MASTER in Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology - Sexual Wellbeing

Dedicated to Gynecologists, Aesthetic Doctors, Aesthetic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons and to all professionals that deal with the treatment of pelvic floor defects.


Master Course dedicated to Odontologists with a focus on proven and effective techniques to adopt in a Clinical Orthodontic Practice
The International Academy of Practical Aesthetic Medicine (IAPEM), thanks to the extremely positive experience gained over the years as ASPEM, since 2009, the academy proposes today, in continuity but even more, to broaden the educational offering by reinforcing upon the essential aspect of practical, hands-on teaching of the Medical and Dental Aesthetic profession. All this, without forgetting the principle purposes of what one learns and what one does.

To obtain both results, IAPEM engages the experience of qualified teachers and professionals who have been successfully conducting this profession for years with ASPEM. The selection of the Teaching Faculty Staff is continually based on the professionalism and experience in the various medical branches with a strong, focal approach toward aesthetics. The goal of the education program offered by the IAPEM Academy is indeed to continue to appropriately and completely prepare medical professionals to immediately carry out the medical aesthetic profession, both theoretically and practical. The well-established teaching staff and the academic and university flavor of the academy, which has always characterized its education, is still today one of our strengths which, together with the continuous updates in research and new methods that the school presents each year and puts it into practice, qualifies it at the top of Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry. The Master in Medical and Dental Aesthetics is open to medical graduates in Medicine and Surgery and to dental graduates in Odontology and Dental Prosthesis. The course is articulated in four (4) mandatory academic years for medical practitioners and two (2) years with an optional third year, for dental practitioners. Classroom lectures, hands-on practical exercises and internship / tutoring within the academy’s medical offices are provided during the Master.

Medical Aesthetic Master

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IAPEM 2020/2021 Master Course Schedule

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IAPEM’s consolidated faculty workforce is formed by industry experts and University Professors

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Courses that analyze specific topics of Aesthetic Medicine through theoretical and practical lessons

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