Advanced Esthetics: New Employment Opportunities - BODY MODULE

The Aesthetic Doctor's and Wellness Operator's Assistant with a focus on Clinical and Pharmacological Aesthetics

The Aesthetic Doctor's and the Wellness Operator's Assistant with a focus on Clinical and Pharmaceutical Aesthetics

14th & 15th of April, 2019

COURSE HOURS: 09:00 – 18:00


Via Rivoltana, 35 Limito di Pioltello (MI)

The course is aimed at Aesthetic Physician’s assistants or professionals who wish to become one, beauticians, technical aesthetic and wellness operators who want to invest in their professionalism and expand their knowledge by approaching the world of Aesthetic Medicine and Advanced Aesthetics in the context of a new service offering: the medical clinic, the Aesthetic Dentistry office, the clinic and the pharmacy.

In today’s competitive market Cosmetic and Medical Aesthetics work together to guarantee solutions of complex aesthetic problems and patient / client satisfaction. The beautician and the aesthetic technical operator who know the basic principles of Aesthetic Medicine are able to be the most qualified consultants for their customers both when they work independently in the clinic or in the pharmacy, and when they work with a physician, welcoming, preparing and accompanying the patient at 360 °.

8 hours of theory + 8 hours of practice

Participants interested in becoming Aesthetic Doctor Assistants will also have the opportunity to practice during the IAPEM Aesthetic Medicine Master courses, assisting the professors and tutors during the practical session.

Advanced Aesthetics - Theory & Practical Course

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3rd day, 14/04/2019 (BODY)
Hours 09-13
• Market data on body treatments. Seasonality and new trends
• Notes regarding tissue anatomy and physiology. The subcutaneous tissue: the adipose organ
• La selezione dei pazienti e l’approccio del chirurgo estetico vs quello del medico estetico
• Patient selection and the approach of the aesthetic surgeon vs that of the aesthetic physician
Hours 14-18
• Practical session with a Novavision Group S.p.A. trainer on the use of ultrasonic acoustic waves, sonoporation, sonophoresis


4th Day, 15/04/2019 (BODY)
Hours 09-13
• Cellulite, localized adiposity and firming of pathophysiological bases and non-invasive therapies
Hours 14-18
• Invasive & non-invasive medical aesthetic and diet therapies as an integrated approach to remise en forme
• Practical session with a Venus Concept trainer on the use of multipolar radiofrequency, magnetic field and endodermal massage