International Master of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology – Sexual Wellbeing

2nd edition

Integrated within the 2020-2021 IAPEM Academic Training Program

Dedicated to Gynecologists, Aesthetic Doctors, Aesthetic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Urologists, Physiotherapists, Obstetricians and to all professionals dealing with the treatment of pelvic floor defects.

6 days of high-profile training, both theoretical and practical, with the opportunity to meet with internationally renowned authorities in the field of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology.

As in the 1st edition, the 2nd edition of the Master will also be held at the IAPEM headquarters, the renowned School of Practical Aesthetic Medici- ne, based in Limito di Pioltello (Milan), a short distance from Linate Airport. The School offers advantageous agreements with various hotel structures located near the headquarters of the Academy.


It seems like a paradox but it is not necessary to be a gynecologist to deal with Gynecological Aesthetics and Functional Gynecology.

Thanks to the evolution of methods and technological devices, effective and non-invasive treatments are pos- sible for the main problems that women suffer from be- gining from the age of 45: incontinence, dislocations, vaginal dryness and atrophy.

In fact it is estimated that from 45 years of age, 4 out of 10 women suffer from urinary incontinence, and theore- tically almost 10 out of 10 could suffer from postmeno- pausal vaginal dryness, with all the emotional and rela- tional consequences that these conditions entail.

The fact that many women do not talk about it with their gynecologist and that gynecologists in particular do not talk about it with their patients, produces a paradoxical

information impasse, when, on the other hand, television advertisements for women’s tampons, propose the only “sad” solution that is offered to women to solve part of their problems, demonstrates that the problem does in- deed exist!

On the basis of the rapid evolution of social habits, which clearly shows that sexual activity at an older age is con- sidered an indispensable value, it is particularly useful, even socially, to open up, professionally speaking, to the themes related to sexual well-being, which are then the formative and practical themes, included in the IAPEM Master of Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology.

For this reason, this Master is open to many professional categories and should ideally be considered as a pos- sibility to enrich one’s profession or even consider the Aesthetic Gynecology and Functional Gynecology as a new specialization.



Sabato 19 giugno 2021


Domenica 20 giugno 2021


Sabato 18 settembre 2021


Domenica 19 settembre 2021


Sabato 16 ottobre 2021


Domenica 17 ottobre 2021



For all information relating to the Master you can contact IAPEM at: – +39 351 1039 386