International MASTER

Global Implantolgy

“Letter of Presentation: Master in Global Implantology”

As Scientific Director of the IAPEM School of Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry, which is in its 10th year of activity, I am honored to present the most recent educational proposal that IAPEM organizes and presents in one of its two primary training areas: Dentistry.

It is obvious how the smile is at the forefront of beauty and the dentist is the protagonist. We have already had occasion to recall the important role of IAPEM in supporting this specificity and its absolute professional lawfulness.

With my extensive collaborations in Italy and abroad, these permit me to propose a Master’s degree in Implantology through two important “bases”: the Accademia di Storia dell’Arte Sanitaria (Academy of History of Healthcare Art) in Rome, which will host a School from Milan in its ancient and prestigious Roman headquarters and the Ananya Shirakatsi University of Yerevan in Armenia, which requested and shared our educational program in the field of  Body Aesthetics.

Certainly it would not have been possible to reach this milestone in Implantology training has we not had the fortune to meet Silvano Tramonte a few years ago, with whom we both personally took mutual sympathy and esteem beginning from an awareness that the first thing to learn or re-learn is Medical Ethics.  From here, on one hand the four logos that characterize this Master, and on the other hand undoubtedly the strong role of the Tramonte Science Society that will guide the theoretical teaching and the hands-on practice guided by other eminent experts of other implantology schools, in absolute respect of multiple points of view and experiences in the field.

The following are some highlights of the rationale developed:

  • The International Master in Global Implantology is the first and only among the training courses, not only Italian but also international, to address and treat implantology as a global specialty that takes into consideration all of the proven, valid and effective techniques developed over time.
  • The Master stems from the desire to make use of the clinical and scientific experience of all those professionals who, starting from the 1960s and before the advent of biphasic implantology, practiced monophasic endosseous implantology and juxtaoxea for almost thirty years giving a very important contribution to world implantology with techniques and tools that preserve effectiveness and topicality. We now have the ambition to offer the most complete panorama possible of all implant techniques that have demonstrated their effectiveness and functional durability over time from monophasic to biphasic, from subperiosteal to zygomatic.
  • This Master wants to make available to today’s implantologist all the techniques and therapeutic possibilities aimed at offering each patient the most suitable treatment for his/her case.  Recovering the principle of customization of the therapy, which must be as specific as possible, consistent and compliant with the need for maximum optimization of the individual therapeutic plan which, as it is known, is effectively assisted by aesthetic medicine procedures.  The theme of Aesthetic Medicine will in fact have ample space within the teaching and practice of the Master. 
  • Last but not least, all of the participants of the Master in Global Implantology will obtain an International Post-Graduate Certificate upon course completion.

Prof. Giovanni B. Agus
IAPEM Scientific Director and Member of the Steering Committee of the Master in Global Implantology

International Master of Global Implantology

 IAPEM, International Academy of Practical at Esthetic Medicine, in collaboration with the Tramonte Science Society, the “Anania Shirakatsi” University of Yerevan (Armenia) and the Academy of History of Sanitary Art (ASAS) in Rome, responding to the innumerable requests received by many dentists, aware that the academic and scientific world is rediscovering monophasic implantology, and there is an increase in requests to have a didactic and training path that is more than a simple one-day course, we are pleased to announce this year the launch of the new International Master in Global Implantology. A project carefully designed over time, desired and finally conceived, but no longer only dedicated to monophasic implantology but to all implantology techniques recognized as effective and reliable in clinical practice. Therefore, monophasic and biphasic and related techniques, taught by recognized professionals, many of whom are academics from various Italian and European universities.



21-22 SEPTEMBER 2019. MODULE #1.

Introduction, history in brief, imaging for anatomically guided implantology.


26-27 OCTOBER 2019. MODULE #2.

Patient options for rehabilitations with monoblock implants, blade implants, juxtaoxes and flapless.


16-17 NOVEMBER 2019. MODULE #3.

Monophase implantology: the tools, techniques and operational protocols of monophasic implants.  Temporary and definitive prostheses.


22-23 FEBRUARY 2020. MODULE #4.

Advanced monophasic implantology and high aesthetic value prostheses.


21-22 MARCH 2020. MODULE #5.

Complementary facial aesthetic medicine.


18-19 APRIL 2020. MODULE #6.

Management of hard and soft tissues.


09-10 MAY 2020. MODULE #7.

Solutions for complex cases with advanced biphasic implantology and zygomatic implantology.


20 JUNE 2020. MODULE #8.

Follow-up management.  Problem solving, guidelines and implantology therapeutic ethics.


21-26 JUNE 2020




Final Exams, Thesis Discussion & Graduation (International Postgraduate Certificate).


The Master is structured along a path of eight stages, eight two-day weekend training modules (Saturday and Sunday), from September 2019 to June 2020, with a full-week patient hands-on practice session and a final exam.

The theoretical sessions will be held in Rome, at the prestigious ASAS headquarters (Academy of History of Healthcare Art), while the practical sessions will be conducted in an outpatient clinic affiliated with the University of Anania Shirakatsi, Armenia.


The accredited academic cycle will end with the passing of the final exam and the discussion of the end of the year thesis, following which the “Anania Shirakatsi” University of International Relations will grant the students the title of International Postgraduate Certificate and 50 CFU credits.

The diploma of Implantology will be released by the Tramonte Science Society with joint title IAPEM and ASAS.


For all administrative information relating to the Master you can contact the Educational Office of the Tramonte Science Society by calling +39 3484434490 or by writing directly to

For all the educational and scientific information, contact the Advisor Dr. Angelo Imperatrice at +39 338 4898008 or by writing directly to the email

Alternatively, you can book an appointment with Dr. Silvano Tramonte in the local office of Piazza Castello 5 in Milan, by writing directly to the email