Second Edition

“Letter of Presentation: Master in Global Implantology”

IAPEM sees in the aesthetic dentist one of the most relevant training areas; this training plan completely dedicated to implantology confirms this vision.

A well-structured, balanced smile is in fact increasingly indispensable in facial expression.

Although our observatory in the universe of Aesthetic Medicine is telling us about different points of body where patients actively seek beauty, nonetheless the dentist retains a leading role.

In 2020 it was necessary to live with the pandemic crisis, however it was still possible to achieve all the training objectives by all enrolled learners.

The week of clinical practice planned in Armenia has been converted into an exciting week of clinical practice in Italy; according to all the participants it was a new and surprising experience.

The 2021 edition of the Master obviously reiterates the goal of being able to develop the practical part in the clinic of the Ananya Shirakatsi University of Yerevan in Armenia; however we know that a hypothetical emergency recourse to a domestic solution, which we do not now consider as a priority, will in any case be of a great participatory level and of great training effectiveness.

We also confirm this year the splendid collaboration with Silvano Tramonte in the role of Didactic Director of the Master; he will lead the theoretical and practical teaching together with other eminent experts from each implantology school, in full compliance with the multiple points of view and experience in the field.

Prof. Giovanni B. Agus

Scientific Director of IAPEM and of the Steering Committee of the Master

International Master of Global Implantology

The Master was born from the idea to benefit from the clinical and scientific experience of all those professionals who, starting from the 1960s, and before the advent of biphasic implantology, practiced monophasic and juxtaosseous endosseous implantology for almost thirty years and gave a very important contribution to world implantology with techniques and tools that maintain efficacy and relevance.

The ambition is now to offer the most complete possible overview of all implantology techniques that have proven their effectiveness and functional duration over time from monophasic to biphasic, from subperiosteal to zygomatic.

This Master aims to recover the principle of personalization of therapy, which must be as specific as possible, aimed at optimizing the individual therapeutic plan, effectively assisted by aesthetic medicine interventions, which in fact will have space in the teaching and practice of the Master.

Last but not least, we must emphasize the acquisition by the participants of the Master of an International Higher Certificate in Global Implantology.



May, 15/16 - 2021


June, 12/13 - 2021


July, 3/4 - 2021


September, 18/19 - 2021


October, 16/17 - 2021


A Week of Surgical Practice


November, 13/14 - 2021

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The Master is developed along a course of six modules of 2 days each, always on Saturdays and Sundays, from May 2021 to November 2021, with a one-week session of Surgical Practice on patients, scheduled between the second half of October and the first half of November.

The theoretical part will be held in Milan, at the IAPEM headquarters in Limito di Pioltello, while the practical part will take place in a dental clinic affiliated with the Ananya Shirakatsi University of Ierevan – Armenia or, if the objective pandemic conditions suggest a different location , in an Italian dental clinic (solution already successfully adopted in 2020).


The accredited academic cycle will end with the passing of an exam and the discussion of the year-end thesis, after which the “Anania Shirakatsi” University of International Relations will issue an International Higher Certificate in Global Implantology and 60 CFU credits.

The Implantology Diploma will be issued by IAPEM.

To receive the documentation and registration forms


For all information regarding the Master, you can contact the IAPEM Secretariat ( – ​​+39 351 1039 386).