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IAPEM - International Academy of Practical aEsthetic Medicine

Strengthened by the extremely positive experience gained over the years as Aspem, since 2009, IAPEM provides an extensive training offering, concentrated on a practical approach to training professional Aesthetic Medical and Orthondontic Aesthetic practitioners. This, without neglecting the fundamentals of the meaning of what one learns and what one does.

To obtain both results, the academy draws on the experience of qualified professors and professionals who have been successfully carrying out this profession for years with ASPEM. The selection of the faculty and staff continues to be curated on the basis of professionalism and experience in the various branches of medicine with a particular emphasis in the area of aesthetics. The purpose of the education program offered by IAPEM is in fact to continue to train medical practitioners and orthodontists so that they may immediately carry out their profession in an adequate and complete manner, both theoretical and practical. The time-tested faculty and the academic/university flavor of the Academy, which has always characterized its training, is still today its strong point. Combined with the continuous updated curriculum, research and new methods that the academy presents and puts it into practice every year, places IAPEM at the top of the Aesthetic Medical and Dental training centers in Italy. The IAPEM Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry is open to graduates in Medicine and Surgery and to graduates in Dentistry. For medical practitioners, the Master is divided into 4 compulsory academic years while for Orthodontists the Master has a duration of 2 years with an optional third year. Lectures, practical hands-on exercises and follow-up internships within the academy’s clinical ambulatory rooms are all part of the IAPEM Master Program.


IAPEM is an academy with great tradition in the post-graduate education sector in Aesthetic Medicine